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Put these #Oreo5s to use for Strength & Conditioning this morning. Reppin hard @dangerusswilson

Yorkie of the year… My boy

Can’t wait to be back w/ the fam… It’s been a long time coming. I can’t express my gratitude enough @ladreamcenter you’re a huge part of this journey

"Lions run together" @brendanschaub

Today’s kicks!

#SF (at San Fransisco)

Me and baby bro… God moved tonight @eastbaycoffee thank you

Just another day at the Long Beach Dream Center

Just one of those nights when I gaze over the city and give thanks. #LosAngeles (at The Dream Center)

Further Back.

Often times I see flashes of faces from the past. I try my best to recall each of the moments and emotions linked to them all. Tonight was just one of those nights when I actually seized the opportunity to reflect and express my appreciation for as long as I could. This time in the presence of the Lord… It’s great to have someone who’s more than willing to do that with you. Let’s not forget since He’s been with me every step of the way.

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